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Announcing the release of our second album!

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Maz" is a word invented by Ursula K. Le Guin, in her incredible novel, "The Telling." It essentially means "The Two That Are One." The maz are couples who, through a Oneness of the Heart, keep culture and community alive and nurtured through story, music, ritual, remembering, and love.

David and Caban are one of these
maz couples. From the strong foundation of their love, they offer these medicine songs.

They moved to the island of Kauai in 2008 and the songs just started flowing for them.
Honey in the Heart was the first and Starwater is the second in a series of albums that they intend to produce over the next few of years.
Their music could be described as Mystic-Tribal-Folk-Groove. It combines many-layered vocals and instruments from around the world.

Honey Cover

"The Doorway" at Olana Farm house concert, 2/23/13

"Holy Mountain" at Golden Lotus, 3/16/13

David and Caban at Tsunami Books in
Eugene, Oregon